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Deadline for Online 


September 15,2023

Show Date:

October 28, 2023

5th Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase


All services and merchandise offered must be suitable for all audiences. Advertisement - $50 (DISPLAY ONLY) vendor is allowed to promote and advertise services with display and promotional materials. (No sales transactions) Sales - $100 Vendors may display, promote, and sell merchandise, services, and materials.


Volunteers are needed for both Audition Date as well as Show Date. Responsibilities include (ex. positioning, scheduling, bathroom locations, small requests.) Set Up/Break Down - Setting up tables, banners, chairs, decorations and cleaning. Check In - Monitor attendance of performers and guests. Liaison - Facilitation of need for performers and guests


In appreciation for Sponsorship, Special Thanks, Promotions and Advertisements will be given to Businesses/Persons providing donations. Star: $100 - $499 (Credits, Program, Website) Comet: $500 - $999 (Credits, Program, Website, Flyer) Asteroid: $1000 - $2499 (Credits, Program, Website Flyer, Banner) Meteor: $2500+ (Credits, Program, Website, Flyer, Banner, Digital Ad) Credits: Special Thanks with Name and logo in end credits, program, and website Program: Detailed Ad, name and logo printed in program Website: Name, Logo, Bio/Intro linked with your website. Flyer: Logo printed on print and digital Flyer Banner: Name and Logo printed on Main Banner (Step-and-Repeat) Digital Ad – Business Name/Logo Prominently Displayed on Stage During Show. The deadline for promotional print material is August 31st. The deadline for Showcase promotion is October 15th. All sponsors have the option of having a vendor station during the event.


All performances must be limited to 5 mins. Material must be suitable for all age groups. (Rule of thumb if you have to ask if you can say/do it, more than likely you shouldn't.) Acting - Performers may perform scene or monoloug of their choosing. (Scene MUST be within the rules and guidelines. Art - Artist may create works on stage. (Set Up, creation, and Take Down must all be done within the alloted time*) Comedy - Jokes and material must be suitable for ALL audiences i.e. CLEAN MATERIAL. Dance - All genres of dance are welcome. Please pay attention to the music that accompanies your performance. It must be suitable for ALL audiences. (No offensive, overtly suggestive, lude languages.) Music - Includes all genres and mediums of music. (ex. singing, instruments, yodeling.) Poetry - All genres and subject matter are welcomed.

What is the Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

Our signature event is the Annual Skeyez N’ Starz Showcase. The showcase is a talent show that provides a platform to exhibit talents and build confidence, creates opportunities to exercise skills in media productions, advertisement for sponsors and doners that yields a family friendly activity that is engaging as well as inspiring.


Features of the Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase include Music, Dance, Comedy, Poetry, Acting and more.  Participants compete for a chance to win prizes and gifts that reward and encourage them to continue to persue positive creative ventures. Awards and prizes are provided by businesses and individuals such as you who support our cause of using the arts it improve the overall well being of the community.

The 2023 Showcase will be live streamed on our online platforms via YouTube and Social Media as well as  broadcasted on Public Access Television for future viewing.  Taking advantage of this opportunity can potentially expand audience and client bases and increase the network and resources of all participants.  


4th Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase


3rd Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

seven 25.png

Order and Time of Performances

Aja Crooks 3:05                Chase*   6:33                   NiNi*   9:44                           The Poetic Locksmith 13:36 Billyonare Billygoat 20:36               Caleb * 26:28              Otis Sherod* 32:20              Shawn Sounds 38:16



2020 Showcase & Interviews

2020 Showcase & Interviews

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