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2nd Annual Skeyes N' Starz Showcase


2020 Showcase & Interviews

2020 Showcase & Interviews

2020 Showcase & Interviews
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2nd Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

2nd Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

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Meet The Starz: Kayla Miller

Meet The Starz: Kayla Miller

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Meet the Starz: Cousin Al

Meet the Starz: Cousin Al

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Meet The Starz: Intempo Dance Ensemble

Meet The Starz: Intempo Dance Ensemble

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Grand Prize Winners of the 2nd Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase
JaredDouglasSkyezNStarsPhotoshoot2021-3 - Copy
Grand Prize Winners of the 2nd Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

meet the starz!!!



Billyonare.Billygoat is an independent artist and spoken word poet from Milwaukee WI, by way of Killeen, TX.

He came from a life in the streets filled with gangs, crime, and struggle that ultimately led him to facing life in prison. He spent 7 1/2 years incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit.

His experience motivated him to change his life. Since moving to Houston, TX to fully pursue his music career he is now C.E.O of Music Equals Power and artist on his label. He uses his music to tell his story of redemption from the harsh realities of he streets.

He will be performing in the 2nd Annual @skeyez_n_starz Showcase this November.

cousin Al.jpg


AL Thompson, also known as, Cousin AL is a Houston based comedian/teacher with a passion for making others laugh through true stories and life events.

As an only child, he found comedy to be a way of connecting with others naturally. AL has had the opportunity to travel with the "Teacher's Out Comedy Tour" and host and perform for churches across the city. For more information follow him:

IG: cousinalcomedy

FB:Cousin AL Page


The Voice of the Black Sheep hails from Port Arthur, TX. Her talents in, Band, Choir, Theater and Production has gained her over twenty years as a well rounded artists. Over the years she has found that she has a weakness for comedy and poetry.

Coupling her passions within the arts and her way with words she is able create dynamic messages that are sure to reach audiences across genres.



Aja crooks stepped on the acting scene in 2018, and hasn't slowed down since. She has performed in stage plays, short films, in Texas and abroad. She also writes, produces, and stars in sketches. Her specializing in comedic acting her performance is guaranteed to make you laugh.

She is currently working on a feature film called Relapse that is being shot here in Houston, TX.



Carmen Martika turned her pain and heart ache into love and laughs. She said her comedy comes from the point were passion and pain meets. Her life experiences give her the tools she uses to teach lessons with laughter.



Mostly know as an artist supporter 'a Blu J" has decided to steps out and shine her light! Blu finds freedom with art because she is unbounded by traditional techniques of expression. She finds that music give her the ability to convey her thoughts and emotions best.

Jared Pac Man.jpg


Jared Douglas, a.ka. J Doug, began his stand-up career when he was a Senior in High School and has slowly but surely grown into a fine comedian. He now hosts his own show, Comedy Night at Trilogy Brew, and is a former co-host for the popular monthly showcase called Greater Heights Comedy Night in Houston, TX. He was also a finalist at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2018. 



Houston, TX northside acreage home native, 

Kiara McFee also known as KeyahSoul @thepoeticlocksmith has gained a love for the Arts and considers herself to have a  soul full of talent. Being apart of several theatre programs and talent events from a young age to an adult,  she has become a public figure to lead and uplift while artistically telling her story and the story of others.  

KeyahSoul is   known as a local  Poet, Singer, Aspiring Actress, and Mental Health awareness Advocate in Houston and the surrounding areas. As a mental health advocate while facing her own personal experience with the illness, one of her main goals  is to bring awareness to others helping them to understand the importance of mental health and also understanding what mental illness does to one's way of life.  Keyah sees herself to unlock all areas of your subconscious  exercising your thought process with words  of  wisdom and inspiration. 

Keyah  has appeared  and has been  heard on many stages such as the Houston Improv, many local open mic venues, stage plays, radio/podcast interviews, etc.

Her purpose in life is serve and be a help to the youth by pursuing her Adolescent outreach group "SoulfulofTalent" (Psychology Thru The Arts) creating a positive outlet allowing the youth to express themselves with the goal  to  change their frowns to smiles. 




Brittney ‘Lady 380’ Alexander is a raw, authentic, talented spoken word curator. Her creative and most times, seemingly uncomfortable narratives are guaranteed to hold the audience hostage with witty word-play, emotional storytelling & pure artistic expression. 

From sticking up countless open mic’s & showcases, to performing lyrical drive-bys at many events & fashion shows, including the Houston’s Improv, to curating and producing her very own "No Smoke" productions, work ethic and dedication to her craft is what keeps Lady 380 driven to be the hardest working Poet in Houston. 

Each performance proves why she is a Spoken Word Assassin that aims for straight headshots. No one in attendance will be bulletproof. 



Last year, I was the overall winner of the first Skeyez N' Starz showcase. Before the showcase, I struggled with a lot of pain in myself. I had an eating disorder, I had depression, I experienced a major loss in my life. I was in a deep hole. I was lost. I then discovered Skeyez N' Starz showcase and I felt like I finally had a voice. I wrote but was too afraid to performed. I stepped out of my comfort zone and slowly began to find myself while preforming. This showcase has helped me develop a talent I was worried I was not good enough at. I met other artists and began expressing myself more. Both with and without my writing. Life has taken me down many different paths however winning the Skeyez N' Starz showcase showed me my writing will be with me as I go down each one!



Travis M. The M is understood was the second place overall winner of the 1st Annual Skeyez N' Starz Showcase. His original and creative lyrical delivery moved and impressed the audience and judges alike.

In addition. To being a music artist, Travis is also an Athletic Coach as well as the lead videographer for @soularsounds.




The Intempo Dance Ensemble is a non-profit organization and advanced program for students who desire to be more involved and who want to have more opportunities to learn choreography and skills. These students have more opportunities to perform and gain more experience. Intempo Dance Ensemble selects, accepts, and recognizes dancers who show technical promise, drive to succeed, and excellent work ethic to be apart of their program.

Ember Skeyez.png

Mixed Media & Perforance Arts Productions

Ember Skeyez’s mission as a mixed media performing arts production company is to create and provide platforms for performing artists and those behind the scenes. By producing and developing content for mediums such as film, theater, and music individuals are given the chance to pursue their dream.

seven 25.png

SEVEN25 Magazine

SEVEN25 Magazine is an entertainment magazine featuring some of the hardest working, upcoming, independent talents in MUSIC, FILM, COMEDY & more. We showcase talents with the highest quality that are serious about thier craft. @QueezyLEO & @SEVEN25Mag believe a lot of talents deserves recognition.


Intempo Dance Ensemble


The Intempo Dance Ensemble is a non-profit organization separate from the Intempo Dance Academy. It is an advanced program for students who desire to be more involved than just simple recreational classes, who want to have more opportunities to learn choreography, and to have more opportunities to perform than just the standard end of semester performances. Intempo Dance Ensemble recognizes dancers who show technical promise, drive to succeed, and excellent work ethic by selecting them to be part of the Company Program.


Owen Stevens Photography offers unique photo experiences by playing with light and shadows to portraying an elegant story.


Photographer and painter Steven Rosenbaum  was inspired by the stories his teacher, “Mora” Ruth (who also was a Holocaust Survivor), would tell every Sabbath Eve while he would draw. Her stories would evoke emotions that influenced Steven's drawings inspiring him to later tell stories with the images he captures in his photos and paintings today.

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