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Key People

Pure Professionalism


Britney Jones aka Ember Skeyez

Director of Operations

Among my vast catalog of things that I am good at and get paid for I'm a licensed cosmetologist by trade but I most identify as an Entertainer. Entertainment wise I do comedy, sing, act, write, produce, and direct. 

Socially I am a humanitarian at heart and a voice for a people.  I honestly and truly want to see everyone be their greatest self and if there is anything that I can do to help them achieve that I do it.  

My reason for being part of this organization is because I know what it's like to have something special inside that you want to show off to the world but having no clue where to start and being considered crazy or weird because I thought differently. So if sharing my lessons, resources, and skills with others influences them for positive gain I'm all in!

Jasmine Renee Thomas Headshot.jpg

Jasmine Renaa Thomas

Director of Communications

I manage arts integration programming at a non profit theatre and have other endeavors that engage my theatrical and educational interests such as acting on stage and commercially. I love my job because I can share the joy and benefit of theatre into new places and spaces such as 6th grade math classes and teacher professional development meetings. This last year I snagged a local commercial for the Menninger Clinic that aired on KHOU, acted in 6 stage plays, and worked on the production side with dramaturgy for a show as well. Upcoming I will be co-hosting an acting workshop and teaching some basic acting technique with Ember.


Miracle Monk

Social Advisor

I am a Social Worker Monday through Friday and caregiver of 3 on the weekend. I enjoy basketball and softball but can not play anymore. So I settle for watching my daughter compete in dance competitions and traveling

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