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Skeyez N’ Starz (a 501(C)(3) not for profit organization) uses media, creative and performance arts as means for personal and professional growth for self-expression and mental health awareness.  We utilize arts and media production skills such as editing, stage management, event coordination to create interactive experiences that cultivate skills, talents, social skills, communications and expression.



Skeyez N’ Starz hosts an array of events and activities for the purpose of development and training with workshops, classes, events, productions, and other functions that focus on elements in media, visual and performance arts. In doing so benefactors of these resources can gain knowledge and experience in various creative fields to build skills and tools that can be used in professional as well as personal settings. We utilize our events, website, and social media to share visibility and further our mission. The arts are directly related to improving quality of life and mental health, by contributing and creating resources we can share a part in the overall improvement of our community.

Our signature event is the Annual Skeyez N’ Starz Showcase, is a talent show that provides a platform to display talents for the performers, opportunities to exercise skills in media productions, and gives audiences a family friendly activity that is engaging as well as inspiring. The showcase features Music, Dance, Comedy, Poetry, Acting and more.  The performing participants compete for a chance to win prizes and gifts rewarding and encouraging them to continue their creative ventures. Awards such as photoshoots, radio interviews, performance coaching, studio sessions, gift cards and more were provided by businesses and individuals such as you who support our cause.


Your sponsorship not only gives you the ability to advertise your support of Skeyez N’ Starz mission but also promote your brand, product, and services to guests and attendants of the Skeyez N’ Starz Showcase. Proceeds go toward venue and event essentials such as insurance, security, and advertising as well as education and training for budding talents and formation of future projects within the arts.

Vendor               Business is welcome to advertise products at sponsored events.         

Title Credit       Business will be mentioned in sponsored projects credits.

Print                     Business name and logo included in promotional advertisements.

Media                  Business acknowledgements during media campaigns.

Signage             Business signs and promotional materials displayed and distributed.

Website             Business gets promotional mentions during events and throughout website.

Sponsorship         Contribution                       Benefits

Star                              $100 - $499               Vendor, Title Credit

Comet                      $500 - $999                Vendor, Title Credit, Print

Asteroid                 $1000 - $2499             Vendor, Title Credit, Print, Media, Website

Meteor                          $2500 +                     Vendor, Title Credit, Print, Media, Signage, Website

*Sponsorship and contributions are not limited to above packages. You may customize donations to suit your needs.

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