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Our Mission

We provide development and training opportunities along with complimentary workshops, classes, events, productions, and functions that focus on vital elements in media, visual and performance arts, as well as mental health. In doing so benefactors of these resources are able to gain knowledge and experience in various creative fields to build skills and tools that can be used in professional as well as personal settings. We utilize public gatherings, our website, and social media channels that relate to the cause and current efforts in our mission and to bring awareness to how the arts are directly related to improving the quality of life and mental health.

We at Skeyez N' Stars understand the impact of creativity on mental health. We use our resources to create activities and content that offer participants social interaction that foster a creative atmosphere for expression. 

Incorporating performance and media arts with personal and professional development in creative realms fosters a sense of well being and motivation for others to seek positive outlets for their talents as well as emotions and mental health. 



Workshops and Projects

Reinforcing our Commitment

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to enrich and educate the community. We offer a variety of Workshops and Media Projects that teach and reinforce skills that can be utilized in personal, professional, and creative environments.

Skeyez N' Starz Showcase

Annual Talent Showcase

We hosts an annual talent showcase which offers a performance outlet and a chances to win tools and mediums within the arts and personal development.