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Mental Health 

The Arts can make a powerful contribution to our mental health.

Engaging in the arts seems to be growing in popularity as a way to improve your wellbeing. Participating in the arts can enable people to deal with a wide range of mental ill-health conditions and psychological distress.


The best part is that it helps people to improve their mental health through creativity. Making art is helping many people express themselves, without having to use words.


Arts can create a feeling of community

The arts also help at a community level. As we age, we might face isolation through a loss of social connections, such as friends, family and workplace - as well as other limitations such as decreasing physical health.


Through getting involved in arts programs, people in later life can rebuild their social connections and extend existing support in their communities. Getting in touch with others helps in alleviating loneliness and isolation. This is also true for care homes, where arts activities can help increase social interactions between residents and residents and staff which can improve mood and wellbeing.

- Catherine Flowers Garcia

Skeyez N' Starz recognizes that some have greater needs than we can provide. For that reason we have included a list of resources and references in the greater Houston area to assist in finding the help needed.  We are always open to referrals that can assist. Feel free to share via the contact form below.  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

Mental Health America of Greater Houston


2211 Norfolk, Suite 810
Houston, TX 77098

We actively work to replace stigmas about mental illness with compassion and proper treatment. Our work: Provides education and training for the community Removes barriers to mental health care Facilitates change in systems Advocates for legislative solutions Addresses the vast need for public mental health services Links people to mental health services

Mental Health Crisis Center

713.338.MHCC (6422)

Nortwest Area
9816 Memorial Blvd. Ste. 104
Humble, TX 77338

Spring Branch Area
10780 Westview Dr. Ste. C
Houston, TX 77043

Mayerland Area
4850 W. Belfort
Houston, TX 77035

The Memorial Hermann Mental Health Crisis Clinic is an outpatient mental health service provider developed to serve individuals experiencing a mental health crisis situations. This clinic also serves individuals unable to follow up with other outpatient providers for their mental health needs.

Minor to Major


The primary mission of Minor to Major is to provide effective tailored treatment for at-risk-youth who have mood and behavioral issues. The role M2M plays provides guided training and education for youth. Youths are introduced to realistic successful opportunities for their futures despite setbacks experienced during childhood.

Interim Care Clinic


1502 Taub Loop, Houston, TX 77030 ·

Neuropsychiatric Center for Emergency Services

Thomas Street Health Center

General: 713.873.4000
Craig Brown: 713.873.4380
Shappell Brown : 713.873.4124

2015 Thomas Street
Houston, Texas 77009

Thomas Street’s prevention services provide outreach and medical care to individuals at risk of HIV, or who are in an intimate partnership with an individual living with HIV. The goal of prevention services is to reduce the transmission of HIV through our many prevention initiatives that include HIV testing, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), and Non-occupational Post-exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP). Note: Services other than testing can only be rendered to individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Harris County Center for Mental Health and IDD


9401 Southwest Freeway 4th Floor
Houston TX, 77074

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD strives to provide high quality, efficient, and cost effective services so that persons with mental disabilities may live with dignity as fully functioning, participating, and contributing members of our community. We do not deny services based on a patient’s inability to pay, nor for any reason including race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Discounts are available based on family size and income, and a sliding scale rate schedule is available.

Services Provided
Women's Home
Women's Treatment Program
Volunteers of America
Women's Residential Care
Veteran's Administration
Veteran's Counseling
University of Texas Psychiatric Services
Counseling, Education
Texas Commision for Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Information & Referral
Star of Hope
Shelter, Couseling
Santa Maria Hostel
Women's Treatment Program
Salvation Army
Shelter, Counseling
Odyssey House Texas
Resident care for ages 13-17
Narcotics Anonymouse
Support to Drug Abuse
Montrose Counseling Center
Houston Recovery Campus
In/Outpatient substance abuse treatment
Houston Counsil on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Information & Referral, Education, Counseling
Houston Aftercare
Men's Treatment Program
Salvation Army
Men's Treatment Center
Family Service Center
Supportive Outpatient Care for Hispanics
Extended Aftercare
Men's Treatment Program
DePelchin Children's Center
Adolescent Counseling
Cocaine Anonymouse
Information & Referral, Support Groups
Community Family Center
Counseling, Outpatient Care
Career and Recovery Resources Inc
Counseling for Paroles, and Probationers
Bay Area Counsil for Drugs and Alcohol
Information & Refferal, Educations, Counseling
Association for the Advancements of Mexican Americans (AAMA)
Counseling, Education, Support
713.926.4756 713.926.5464
Alcoholics Anonymouse
Support to Alcoholics
713.686.6300 713.683.7227
Support to Families of Addicts


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